Railway Bracelet


Going places, fast? All aboard the railway bracelet, a stunning combo of frosted 4mm quartz + 5mm star-cut rutilated quartz finished off with a subtle diamond-cut brass fringe. Alongside the stones lies a shiny vintage brass chain with very limited footage. available in small, medium, and large. 

For those who believe: clear quartz is the most versatile stone of all crystals. it amplifies the energy of any stone alongside it. this crystal is best known for it's use to be programmed with intention, along with its ability to heal any condition. it brings balance by cleansing, opening and activating all of the chakras. carry a piece clear quartz every day for ultimate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical protection.

Found in the Swiss alps, the urals in asia, and beautiful brazil, rutilated quartz or "venus hair" is a soul - illuminator, promoting spiritual growth. it draws off negative energy and soothes dark moods, which in turn helps with fear, anxiety, and phobias. A natural anti-depressant, this stunning stone counters self-hatred and promotes forgiveness. Last but not least? Rutilated quartz helps in impotence and fertility. 


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