My name is Brodie and I come from a long line of big-thinking entrepreneurs and overall dreamers. I grew up in a small business and it was only natural for me to open my first store in 2008 and the second in 2011. I have a loving and supportive husband that both encourages my overactive mind and brings me back down to earth when needed. 
doree was my grandmother. She was a big part of my life and continues to influence me every day. Her flare for fashion and accessories has inspired me to pull together an offering of goods that gives women (and men) the opportunity to be distinct and playful.
She taught me the importance of every relationship you have, which has translated into the warm and authentic atmosphere we strive to create in our shop.
My grandmother was the classiest of ladies with impeccable taste and a passion for finding fun treasures at fair prices.  
It is these qualities that have been the foundation of doree's habit for the past 7.5 years.
doree's style is fun and unique. Everything in our shops is chosen because we love it and would wear it. A doree's girl likes to try different things and can't really be slotted into a particular style. One day she is bohemian chic, the next she is edgy and contemporary.